Perimeter Pest Control Winamac IN

At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we provide a comprehensive perimeter pest control program and overall insect control program in order to make your life more comfortable. If you want to keep insects from coming into your home then give us a call. Our professional and licensed crew can create a solid barrier so that the insects stay away from your home and business. Our sprays will effectively keep a variety of bugs from invading your home including:
•    Spiders
•    Fleas
•    Ticks
•    Mosquitoes

Perimeter Pest Control
When we spray our insecticide, we use a chemical that is safe for you, your family and pets and create a wall around your home or buildings that is designed to keep insects far away. We spray 2-3 feet up the house and 2-3 feet away from the house so that you have a good, thick barrier preventing insects from entering your home.

We can also hit areas around garages or other structures on your properties to keep insect invasion to an absolute minimum. This includes spraying trees and shrubs where mosquitoes are likely to harbor during the day. If there is already a presence of insects, we can take care of those for you too.

The best time to provide insect control is in the spring and the fall. In the springtime, we can hit insects before they are ready to come out into the summer heat. This way you can enjoy a more insect-free summer outdoors. In the fall, we can manage the insects and prevent them from coming into the house before the cold weather settles in for the winter.

For commercial and industrial properties, insect and perimeter pest control is crucial to keeping your employees and customers safe. Regardless of the business, the last thing a potential customer or client wants to see are bugs freely roaming around your establishment.

Pest Control Safety
Having reliable pest control means everyone is safer and more comfortable. By spraying for fleas and ticks, your dog will be able to have fun outside with the rest of the family and not be exposed to fleas which can cause considerable discomfort and itching or ticks which may be carrying diseases.

Mosquitoes are a pain and can ruin what would otherwise be a nice evening outside. Our mosquito control greatly reduces these insects minimizing the chance of you being exposed to viruses such as West Nile Virus and Zika Virus, not to mention less itchy spots on your skin. If you feel that every time you step outside you are getting bombarded by mosquitoes, give us a call and we can investigate. We can help control the mosquito population and hit the areas they are most likely using as breeding spots such as shaded areas near trees or standing water.

ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC for Pest Control
After investing money in creating a beautiful backyard and gorgeous landscaping, you should be able to spend time outside with friends and family. With dependable pest control from ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, you will have more comfortable summer evenings watching the sunset or barbequing with friends and family.

From residential homes to commercial and industrial properties, the highly trained and skilled crew at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC will help manage the insects and make your home or business a friendlier and more welcoming environment for everyone.