Lawn Care Winamac IN

For lawn care in Winamac IN, call ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC. Our licensed, certified and insured crew is ready to give your lawn the health and strength to keep it green throughout the year. ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC is a combination of two companies with over 35 years of experience dedicated to providing a personalized and customized service to ensure your lawn gets everything it needs to survive and thrive. Our lawn care services include:
•    Lawn fertilization
•    Weed control
•    Aeration and seeding
•    Grub control
•    Insect control

There are many lawn care companies out there but, when it comes to providing a high level of service, go with the locally owned and operated ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
There is no cookie cutter approach to our lawn care. We understand that each individual lawn and each customer’s budgets and needs are different. We will come out and take a look at your lawn and the level of care your grass needs and create the appropriate plan to ensure its health and vigor. There are many new homes being constructed nearby which means fresh new turf. The level of care to help the roots extend and strengthen on new grass is much different than for an established lawn that has been around for decades.

In general, our fertilization applications run between March and December with weed control generally in the fall. We also have a round or two of crabgrass control at the beginning of the season to prevent the unsightly lawn weed from having the opportunity to sprout up.

We use slow release granular fertilizers or if you prefer organic fertilizer we have that option available too. At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we care deeply about the environment, it is basically our job to, so we are familiar with local ordinances and guidelines regarding fertilizer use. These laws are in place to help minimize the level of fertilizer ending up in lakes and streams and we will absolutely adhere to these laws.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding
There are many benefits to lawn aeration and seeding. The goal of aeration is to open up the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass giving it the best opportunity to grow. Aeration is best completed in the spring or the fall. If you notice bare spots on the turf then seeding should be done sometime between August to early October to maximize results. To learn more about the importance of lawn aeration, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call.

Insect Control
After investing in your lawn and keeping it green and weed-free the last thing you want is an invasive insect coming in and destroying it. We offer a comprehensive insect control program to keep your yard free of the insects that are known to eat and kill the lawn. One such culprit is grubs. Grubs will eat at the roots of your grass and can cause considerable damage. Some indications of grubs include:
•    Irregular brown spots
•    You see little c-shaped insects
•    Areas look dug up (raccoons, opossums and other animals dig into the lawn in order to eat grubs)

Grubs can cause a lot of harm very quickly so if you suspect you have grubs, contact us immediately so we can provide you with reliable grub control. One of the best ways to ensure your lawn survives insects or diseases is to keep it healthy. A lawn that is strong and vigorous is better capable at fighting off the elements.

Lawn Care by ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC
At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we have the newest and most dependable lawn care equipment and we are capable of handling lawns of any size. Some of our types of customers include:
•    Residential properties
•    Commercial or business properties
•    Industrial properties
•    School corporations

Have the lush green lawn that you deserve when you use the professionals at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC.