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For lawn care in Rochester IN, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call. We have been serving Rochester and the surrounding community with high quality lawn, tree and shrub care as well as perimeter pest control for years. Whether you own a commercial property or business that you need maintained or you want a beautiful lawn of lush green grass to enjoy, allow the professionals at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC to be the lawn care company you call.

Rochester, IN Facts
Rochester, Indiana is the county seat of Fulton County. Within its 5.8 square miles, Rochester accommodates approximately 6,200 citizens. The southeast border of Rochester encompasses the shores of Lake Manitou and the city rests just above U.S. 31. The residents of Rochester live about 2 hours southeast of Chicago and 1 hour, 15 minutes west of Fort Wayne.

Rochester History
The colonial history of Rochester begins when a named Alexander Chamberlin settled in the area and named it based off of his hometown of Rochester, NY. That same decade, the 1830’s, Fulton County was established and the county seat was given to the village of Rochester in 1836. Fifteen years later, Rochester officially became a city and has continued its steady growth over the decades.

During the 1900’s, Rochester was a tourist destination with many folks from all over visiting Lake Manitou and enjoying its resorts and hotels.

Lake Manitou
Lake Manitou spans 775 acres and is surrounded by parks, forests, nature preserves and beautiful homes and condos. There is plenty to do on the lake for those who are eager to spend their time outdoors and on the water. Activities include:
•    Jet skiing
•    Water skiing
•    Swimming
•    Fishing
•    Boating

Parks surrounding the lake offer the perfect opportunity to stroll along the various walking trails and enjoy the fresh air and scenic wildlife.

Rochester Economy
Rochester has a thriving economy offering everything from a historic downtown area to major retailers to thriving businesses. Some of the major employers located in Rochester, IN include:
•    Lau Industries – A manufacturer of fans
•    Rochester Metal Products – Founded in 1937, Rochester Metal Products produces quality gray and ductile iron castings
•    Acument Global Technologies – A manufacturer of screws, bolts, nuts and other components
•    Dean Foods – A food and beverage company

If you own a business or commercial property in Rochester, Indiana and you are looking for a local lawn care company to maintain your property and even manage the weeds that may be popping out of the concrete and along the edges, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call.

Rochester IN Events
Throughout the year, there are many wonderful events hosted by Rochester and the surrounding communities. Some of these events include:
•    Living History Fair – This event showcases pre-1890 historic items, clothes and a traditional craft fair. Music is also played throughout the event.
•    Fulton Fun Day – This annual event is three days of family fun including various tournaments, a parade, crafts, plenty of food and more.
•    Santa Parade – Folks from all over gather to bring in the holiday season with a parade featuring Santa Claus.
•    Chili Cook Off & Red Hot Car Show – Just as good as it sounds, this annual fall show is perfect for checking out classic cars while enjoying the finest chili Indiana residents can produce.

Rochester Community Schools
Students in Rochester will attend the Rochester Community School District which educates nearly 15,000 students. Overall there are:
•    13 elementary schools
•    4 middle schools
•    3 high schools

Four of the schools are located in Rochester, IN. They are:
•    Rochester Community High School
•    George M. Riddle Elementary School
•    Columbia Elementary School
•    Rochester Community Middle School

The district boasts an average 93% graduation rate with 95% of those graduates moving on to post-secondary schools. Because ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC maintains and treats the lawns and landscaping of schools, each one of our crew members must pass a background check. On top of this, our lawn care and tree care professionals are all licensed, insured and certified.

Choosing ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC
Whether you own a business, a home or you are a school in Rochester looking for a reliable and professional lawn care company, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call. Our highly skilled and trained crew can provide you with the highest quality lawn care, tree care, and perimeter pest control.