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For lawn care in North Judson IN, call the professionals at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC. Our crew is highly skilled, experienced and has the latest state of the art equipment to ensure your lawn, trees and shrubs are properly cared for. Whether you are a resident of North Judson or you have a business or commercial property you would like maintained, ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC can help you have the beauty and curb appeal you deserve.

North Judson Facts
North Judson, Indiana is located between Knox to the east and San Pierre to the west. For residents living in North Judson, they are fewer than 100 miles from cities such as Chicago, Fort Wayne and Lafayette. North Judson is just over 1 square mile in size and has a population of approximately 1,800 residents.

North Judson History
The town of Brantwood only had that name for a short period of time when the area was platted in 1859. However, less than a year later, a post office was established and the area’s name was changed to North Judson named after Adrian Judson who was a promoter for the railroad that was laid through the town. The reason the ‘North’ part was added was most likely because there was a city in southern Indiana already called Judson. In 1888, the town was officially incorporated.

Events in North Judson
Every year, for over 40 years, the town of North Judson hosts an annual Mint Festival in June to celebrate mint farming in the area. This festival has everything from live music to food and vendor booths to a car show.

As a town in Starke County, residents in North Judson head out to other great events nearby such as:
•    The Bass Lake Festival
•    Hamlet Festival and Rendezvous
•    Knox Harvest Festival

North Judson Economy
Some of the major employers in Starke County are found in North Judson. Some of the companies located in North Judson are:
•    American Oak Preserving Company 
•    Bailey's Discount Center

For those who own businesses in North Judson, having a well maintained lawn and landscaping will offer a more welcoming atmosphere for your employers as well as clients and customers. At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we can customize a program to ensure your grass is receiving the right level of fertilizer to help the roots remain strong and the lawn stay green. We also provide industrial weed control so if you have weeds sprouting from parking lot cracks, sidewalks or other concrete at your place of business, we can use the appropriate products to remove those unsightly weeds from your property.

Choosing ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC
When it comes to lawn care in North Judson IN, you can trust the professionals at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC to get the job done. We offer a variety of services to keep your home or business looking incredible. Some of our lawn services in North Judson include:
•    Lawn fertilization
•    Tree and shrub care
•    Perimeter pest control
•    Aeration and seeding

Have the beautiful grass, trees and shrubs you deserve – give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call today and start experiencing the best level of lawn and landscaping care.