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Monticello, Indiana Facts
Monticello, IN is a city located in Union Township and is part of the White County area. Monticello is 3.69 square miles in size and has a population of approximately 5,300 residents. Situated on the western shores of the Tippecanoe River, Monticello finds itself at the intersection of U.S.-24 and U.S.-421 and is located 30 miles from Lafayette and 20 miles from Logansport.

Monticello, Indiana History
Monticello was established in the 1830’s and was named after Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia estate of the same name. Throughout its history, Monticello has created some institutions that are recognized by the National Register of Historic Places such as:
•    Monticello Carnegie Library
•    James Culbertson Reynolds House
•    South Grade School Building

Monticello IN Tourism
Monticello, IN is known as a tourist hotspot. There are some great places to just kick back and relax as well as other places to enjoy some fun outdoors. Monticello is home to the Indiana Beach Amusement Park. Nearly 100 years ago, this amusement park, known as Ideal Beach, was simply a resort featuring a refreshment stand but in 1927, they created their first thrill ride. Currently there are 8 roller coasters and dozens of other rides along the boardwalk and for both adults and kids. On top of thrill rides, there are other attractions to such as arcade games, attractions, and a water park.

Monticello also brings in tourists via their Twin Lakes region where Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman are located. These two lakes are perfect for boating, fishing, swimming and more, and they bring in tens-of-millions of dollars to the community every year thanks to tourism.

Tourism is a big drive to the economy. If you own a business in Monticello and you want to ensure your property is always looking ideal to the next tourist who decides to visit, the professional lawn care and tree and shrub care technicians can ensure the roots are receiving the proper level of nutrients and that your lawn and landscaping thrive.

Parks in Monticello, IN
If you enjoy spending time outdoors, there are plenty of parks in Monticello to help occupy your weekend. From skate parks to parks that have scenic walks along the water to sports fields and playgrounds, you will have some great choices when it comes to going to the park. Some of the parks in Monticello are:
•    City Park
•    Bluewater Beach
•    Voigt Park
•    Tornado Memorial Park
•    Tioga Park
•    Atherr Nature Park
•    Jordan State Park

Over 53 acres of park area are at your disposal when you call Monticello your home.

Education in Monticello, IN
For students living in Monticello, they will attend the Twin Lakes Schools. There are a total of five schools in the district:
•    Eastlawn Elementary School
•    Meadowlawn Elementary School
•    Oaklawn Elementary School
•    Roosevelt Middle School
•    Twin Lakes High School

Monticello Economy
Tourism is the main driving force of the economy in Monticello but 8 out of the top 10 major employers in White County are also found in this remarkable city. Some of these businesses include:
•    Indiana Beach Amusement Resort
•    Mcgill Manufacturing Co Inc – Manufactures portable and temporarily lighting
•    Walmart Supercenter
•    Jordan Manufacturing Co – Manufacturer of outdoor furniture
•    Ball Metal Beverage Packaging – Best known for creating the metal packaging for food, beverages and household products.

ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC in Monticello
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