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For high quality lawn care in Logansport IN, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call. We have a professional crew with the latest equipment and products on-hand to deliver an excellent level of lawn care, tree care and perimeter pest control. Whether you own a business, commercial property, or a home in Logansport, you can trust ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC to keep your lawn green and healthy, and your trees vibrant and strong.

Logansport Facts
Logansport, Indiana is the county seat of Cass County. Logansport finds itself at the center of many U.S. roads crisscrossing through the community as well as the Wabash River and the Eel River. These rivers meet and continue flowign through the middle making Logansport a frequent passing point for many folks traveling through Indiana. Logansport is just under 9 square miles in size and boasts a population of approximately 18,000 residents. Logansport is approximately 1.5 hours from Indianapolis to the south and Fort Wayne to the east.

Logansport History
Logansport was settled around 1826 and named after a War of 1812 soldier named James Renick-Logan. Thanks to the location of the Wabash River and Eel River, the second part of the name “port” was added. It was these two waterways which helped aid in transportation and start the economy moving. The automotive industry has a history in Logansport as well. Early in the 1900’s, a man named Edwin Rutenber opened up the Western Motor Company in Logansport after previously being headquartered in Chicago. A pioneer of the brass era automobile, Rutenber started the Western Motor Company after creating a four-cylinder automobile engine; considered the first of its kind. Rutenber also invented and patented a distributor cap system which is still in use today in many electric home appliances.

Logansport Economy
For those who live in and around Logansport and Cass County, they will find there are many great companies providing ample employment opportunities. The major employers in the area include:
•    Tyson Foods, Inc – This Fortune 500 Company has a major presence in Logansport and employs approximately 2,000 people.
•    Logansport Community School Corp
•    Memorial Hospital
•    Logansport State Hospital

For businesses both B2B and B2C, it is important to have the property in good shape to help keep employee morale up and to provide a welcoming atmosphere for clients and customers. At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we have the equipment on-hand to ensure that your property of any size has a beautiful green lawn and flourishing landscaping.

Parks in Logansport IN
From public parks to beautiful walking trails, Logansport provides a lot for those who want to spend time outdoors.

Imagine scuba diving in the middle of Indiana! At France Park, there is swimming and scuba diving at the abandoned stone quarry as well as hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing trails. France Park also has a 24-hole disc golf course, fishing in Lake Trimer and over 200 campsites.

Logansport also has 10 trails as well as the Muehlhausen Park Aquatic Center which is a fun splash park to cool down in the summer.

In Riversdale Park, there is the famous Dentzel Carousel which was declared a historic site back in 1987 and dates back to 1902.

Logansport Events
Logansport and Cass County hosts many amazing events throughout the year and include such activities as races, craft shows, parades, fireworks and food tasting events. These events include:
•    Wrestle Fest
•    Pioneer Days
•    Walton May Day Festival
•    Fourth of July Fireworks
•    Taste of Cass County

Lawn Care in Logansport
ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC offers reliable and professional lawn care services. If you want the beautiful lawn and landscaping you deserve, we have the programs and dedication to ensure your grass is incredibly green and your trees and shrubs are vibrant and picturesque.

From the smallest residential lawns to the largest business properties, put your trust into the professional crew at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC.