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ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC serves the residents and businesses of Knox with high-quality and professional lawn care, tree care, and pest control. We are ready and able to tackle the demands of Knox as the community continues to grow. Whether you have purchased a new home around Bass Lake and you want a lush green lawn and flourishing trees and shrubs or you have been a Knox resident for decades but you want a lawn care company you can trust, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call today.

Knox Facts
Knox is a small community located in the center of Starke County in northern Indiana and is considered the county seat. Knox is situated about 45 miles from South Bend to the north and less than 90 miles to Chicago to the northwest. This community is just under 4 square miles in size with a population of approximately 3,700 residents; however, it is growing.

Knox History
Prior to the European settlement, the area around Knox was home to the Potawatami Native Americans. As settlers moved into the area known as Knox they established a post office which dates back to the 1820’s and named the area after Henry Knox who was a military officer in the United States Army and who became the first Secretary of War under George Washington. The naming of cities and counties in the area often are a reflection of the heroes of the Revolutionary War. Knox is the county seat of Starke County which was named after a general who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Parks in Knox, Indiana
Wythogan Park is an amazing site in Knox and features many things for both kids and adults such as:
•    A Splash Pad
•    Play areas
•    Picnic shelters
•    Hiking trails

Take a scenic walk along the Yellow River or explore nature along paved trails. This is a great park that people love spending time in and folks in the community have invested in. A SkatePark built with funds raised by the Knox Friends of the Park is just another reason to explore Wythogan Park.

Knox Economy
Knox has many great local businesses which help drive the economy. Some of these great companies include:
•    I.P. Callison and Sons – A leader in the global supply of mint oils, I.P. Callison and Sons have their storage and shipping center in Knox.
•    Knox Fertilizer Company – A fertilizer company whose products are frequently used on athletic fields and golf courses.
•    Reagent Chemical and Fertilizer, Inc. – Their White Flyer Target division in Knox manufactures targets used for shooting.

These are just some of the wonderful businesses operating in Knox, Indiana. At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we can keep your property looking good so your employees and clients have a nice atmosphere to visit. Whether it is spraying for weeds popping out of cracks in the parking lot or you just want your commercial property to have an appealing look, you can trust ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC to provide a high level of professional work.

ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC
From newly constructed residential homes along the lake to businesses who have called Knox their home for decades, our team of lawn care technicians can ensure you have a healthy and beautiful lawn you would be proud to show off. We also can help you keep the insects at bay through our reliable perimeter pest control services.

To keep your lawn green and landscaping looking vibrant, contact ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC.