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ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC has been providing professional lawn service in Francesville IN as well as other services such as industrial weed control, perimeter pest control and tree and shrub care. If you have a business or own a home in Francesville and you want your property to display gorgeous green grass and vibrant trees, give the professional lawn care technicians at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call.

Francesville Facts
Francesville, Indiana is a small town at just 0.30 square miles in size with a population of approximately 900 residents. This town is located on the east side of U.S.-421 with Country Rd 500 S spanning across the southern part of the town’s limits. Francesville is approximately 100 miles south of Chicago and 40 miles north of Lafayette.

Francesville History
The history of Francesville dates back to the 1850’s when the first post office in the area was created and a railroad extended to the town. The name of the town was taken from the railroad owner’s daughter, Frances Brooks.

The Mallon Building which is at the corner of Montgomery Street and Bill Street has been in existence in some form since 1872. The building is named after John Mallon who arrived in town and started clerking for a man who was credited for creating the second business in Francesville. Soon after, Mallon opened a business of his own. He eventually passed it on to his son who kept the business running as a family enterprise for over 77 years. The original building was destroyed in a fire and the current Mallon Building has been located here since 1899.

Francesville Festival
The Francesville Fall Festival is a major draw for folks who live in and around the town. Celebrating being a “small town with a big heart,” this festival is a staple in the community and is greeted with delight every September. Folks who check out this great festival will be able to shop at arts and crafts vendor booths, dine on a variety of cuisines, and partake in family fun activities such as:
•    A petting zoo
•    A family fun run
•    Baking contests
•    Fireworks
•    And much more!

Francesville Economy
There are many thriving business in the small town of Francesville. Some of the major employers within the town include:
•    Rose Acres Farms
•    Parkview Haven Retirement Home
•    West Central Elementary School

At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we provide reliable lawn care to help businesses and schools display beauty on their property. Because we work with schools, our licensed, certified and insured crewmembers have gone through background checks. Whether you own a business, manage property or need a dependable lawn care and tree and shrub care company to create an inviting feel for employees, customers and client, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call.

Lawn Care by ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC
Many of the lawn care companies in Francesville IN will generally be bigger companies who are not as eager to spend their time truly taking care of your lawn. At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the health and color of your grass. Each lawn we encounter is different and requires customized needs to help it grow and thrive. Our highly trained crew will be able to assess the needs of your lawn and ensure it has the fertilization program necessary to achieve maximum results.

For truly personalized lawn care in Francesville IN, contact ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC today.