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ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC serves the town of Culver, Indiana with high quality lawn care, tree care and perimeter pest control. Whether you own a business or want your residential property to have lush green grass and vibrant landscaping, you can rely on our professionals to get the job done. With each customer we take an individual approach to ensure that the appropriate level of fertilizer is being utilized so that you have plenty of great curb appeal.

Culver Facts
The town of Culver is located in Marshall County on the northwest side of Lake Maxinkuckee which is one of the largest natural lake in the state of Indiana. Culver, IN is just under 1 square mile in size and has a population of approximately 1,400 residents. Culver is approximately 45 minutes south of South Bend and two hours north of Indianapolis.

Culver History
Thanks to the proximity of the beautiful Lake Maxinkuckee, the area around Culver was where many of the Miami Indians and Potawatomie Native Americans called home. By the early 1800’s, settlers began crossing through the area and putting down roots and eventually the first school in, what was then called Union Township, was built. The population slowly began to increase.

Toward the end of the 19th century, the Vandalia Rail Line was reaching Culver allowing folks throughout Indiana to have an easy way to spend time on picturesque lake. The area boomed when it came to tourism and leading into the beginning of the 1900’s, it became a major hot spot. One event had even brought 12,000 visitors to the area.

In 1894, a man named H.H. Culver along with his wife opened up a school called the Culver Academy. Since then, the town of Culver has been known for its educational opportunities, tourism and agriculture.

Culver Academies
The goal of Culver Academy was to create a boarding school which would prepare young men to enter the most esteemed colleges and businesses in America. Culver Academies is one of the largest boarding schools in the country and is focused on creating leaders and responsible citizens by nurturing the mind, body and spirit of the individual. The Culver Academies spread over 1,850 acres and has a student population of over 800. The academies consist of:
•    Culver Military Academy for Boys
•    Culver Girls Academy
•    Culver Summer Schools and Camps

Lake Maxinkuckee
Lake Maxinkuckee spans over 1,800 acres, has a maximum depth of 88 feet and is considered the second largest natural lake in Indiana. There are activities year-round on the lake including fishing, ice fishing, boating, swimming and more.

The lake is under constant supervision to ensure its beauty and quality is preserved. With the many gorgeous homes nestled along the shores of the water, there is a need to provide high quality lawn care service with minimal fertilization usage. At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we adhere to the guidelines designed to keep the fertilizers and other products from entering the lake. You can trust that we will do everything possible to keep your grass green and healthy while also ensuring the whole environment around your home remains safe.

Culver Events
Culver, IN hosts many great events over the year.
       • Culver Winterfest – This February event takes the cold of winter and turns it into a time for family fun. There are ice fishing tournaments, sledding, skating,            ice sculpting and even a polar plunge.
       • Culver Lake Fest – Everything from hot air balloons and classic cars to fishing tournaments and carnival rides, the Culver Lake Fest is truly fun for the                  whole family. Pull up a lawn chair along the lake and watch the fireworks!

Farmers Markets, sidewalk sales and a Taste of Culver are other fun local events that helps bring the community together.

Lawn Care in Culver, IN
If you want excellent lawn care and tree care in Culver IN then contact the professionals at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC. After investing in your gorgeous home and ensuring the right landscaping is in place to maximize curb appeal, you will want a locally owned and operated company willing to take the time to provide the highest level of customer service. At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC, we are dedicated to keeping your lawn green and your trees and shrubs strong and healthy.