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For a more personalized approach to lawn care in Winamac IN, call ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC. We are a combination of two local lawn care companies bringing over 35 years of experience to the professional lawn service industry. We are unique in that we are truly a locally owned and operated company in an area where corporate and franchised lawn care businesses are the norm. With ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC you will have a lawn care company that will take the time to make your property look good with a customized program for fertilization and weed control.

Lawn Care in Winamac, IN
From residential properties to business, commercial and industrial lawns, ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC will ensure your lawn is presentable and well-maintained all year long.

We have many options available to keep your grass looking good all through the growing season. Starting from early spring after the cold weather leaves the area until late fall, we can help keep your grass healthy and green. We use chemical based products as well as organic, if you choose, and we adhere to the strict ordinances when it comes to protecting the lakes and rivers throughout the cities we work in. 

Other professional lawn service options we offer include:
•    Weed control
•    Grub and insect control
•    Lawn aeration and seeding

For each lawn that we take care of, we create a customized plan based on the needs of the lawn. While we start off with a basic program, we can adjust the fertilization and weed control based on its needs. We guarantee our professional lawn service will stand out above the rest.

Pest Control
At ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC we offer many pest control services including:
•    Perimeter pest control
•    Grub control
•    Mosquito control
•    Flea and Tick control

There are certain times of the year that are best for tackling the insect problems around your home. For instance, the fall is a great time for perimeter pest control because it will help keep the insects from entering your home. We can take care of mosquitoes in the summer or whenever they are present.

Tree and Shrub Care
ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC will manage your landscaping for insects and diseases to ensure your trees and shrubs have every opportunity to grow strong and thrive. We can also fertilize to help them receive the nutrients necessary to maintain their health and vigor.

Weed Control
Weed control can be part of our professional lawn service or we can do it individually if you have a commercial or industrial property that requires this service for parking lots and driveways. Our commercial weed control in Winamac utilizes a tank mix to manage weeds all season. For businesses, weeds popping out of the concrete are not a good look.  When you want to give the customers a first impression – call ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC for reliable weed control.

Choosing ProcapeS Unlimited, LLC
If you are searching for "lawn service near me" and you live in Winamac or the surrounding area, give ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call. There are many lawn care companies in the area but we do our best to provide a better and more personalized customer experience.

We are committed to continuing our education to keep up on the best practices as well as:
•    Maintain our state licenses: 3A, 3B, 6, 7A
•    Conduct background checks on our employees
•    Secure workers compensation and liability insurance

In order to stand out above the other lawn care companies, we always invest in the best equipment in the industry and ensure our crew is highly trained and ready to provide excellent customer service.

ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC is committed to caring for the community. Whether we are your professional lawn service company or we are sponsoring charity events and local sports team, we are dedicated to being more than just any old lawn care company.

If you are searching for "lawn service near me" for a local lawn care companies near Winamac, Indiana, give the dependable and professional team at ProscapeS Unlimited, LLC a call.